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Concat Specific Lines of A File Together With AWK


This article quickly demonstrates how to concatenate specific lines of a file with AWK.

MySQL - Left Joins


Left Joins are a powerful tool in MySQL for combining data from multiple tables. Here we take an in-depth look at how they work through a practical example.

Coding Best Practices - Part 1


Part 1 of the coding best practices series deals with naming variables... an essential conversation for writing elegant and simplistic software.

Regular Expressions - No stress RegEX


Learn the basics of regular expressions without losing your mind, pulling our your hair or flat out quitting programming.

The Currency of Concurrency in Golang


Here we examine the relationship between Goroutines, WaitGroups and Channels to use concurrency to it's full potential.

What's a struct?


An in-depth analysis of structs and how they help with composition in Golang.

Docker Commands You Need To Know


5 essential docker commands that every application developer and software engineer should know